The Urban/Rural Process was a project exhibiting the work of two groups of seniors from Hamilton, Ontario. One group lives in the Flambrough/Waterdown area and the other group calls Hamilton’s downtown home. Participants used photography to explore and reflect on a number of themes – including isolation and wellness. Citizens took their cameras into their homes, care facilities and around their communities. They photographed each other, families, friends and surroundings to present images and ideas relevant to all seniors.

While each group lived in a different part of the city, together they helped raise awareness of experiences and issues that affect all elderly today. This booklet is a selection of those experiences. Download a free copy of this moving exposé here.

In this video below, seniors are gathered at the Freeway Coffee House to openly share their experiences with Photovoice. Their candid discussions at this cafe located in Central Hamilton is an excellent example of how Photovoice positively impacts individuals and groups, allowing open exploration of perspectives on life.


This next video shows seniors at the WIFF Wellness in Flamborough Forum discussing their experiences with Photovoice, again demonstrating how Photovoice has positively impacted the lives of community members and allowed them to share their visions of the world and their experiences.